Re: GtkGrid design document

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 05:28, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm very glad to hear that GTK+ gurus are having a look to my grid
> widget and as some of them suggested to me, I've written a small design
> document to explain what this GtkGrid is.
> I hope people have a clearer view at it after reading this document but
> as I don't have much experience writting this kind of stuff I may have
> forgotten to speak about important points. Fell free to yell at me in
> this case.

Hmm, I discussed this some with Jonathan. The main concern that I have
is that the focus of GtkGrid seems to be rapid data entry, but this
doesn't actually look related to me to the "grid" nature.

It seems to me that in many cases that you want rapid data entry
in things that are otherwise like GtkTreeViews ... multiple cell
renderers per cell, inhomogenous columns, etc. Jonathan points
out the editing Artist/Title in sound-juicer as an example of this.

If all we really want is a GtkTreeView with different editing behavior,
then it seems to me we should just build those capabilities into

On the other hand, there are certainly cases where you want something
different from GtkTreeView:

 - Efficient handling of many columns and sparse data
 - Row headers as well as column headers
 - Rectangular selection

But I don't have a good sense of what apps would use such a widget
at the moment. Having that idea is core to designing the widget.


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