Re: glib 2.3.3 and Windows

J. Ali Harlow writes:
 > Personally I advocate making GPid hold ProcessIDs anyway for reasons I
 > go into in my comments to 50296. I'd appreciate your views.

You say: "These [..] don't have a lifetime to manage". Isn't the exact
opposite true? Pids might get reused without you noticing, might they
not? If you have a HANDLE to a process, you are guaranteed that it
refers to the same process (which of course might have died and become
a zombie in the meantime) until you CloseHandle() it.

Besides, the spawn*() functions in the Microsoft runtime (the
asynchronous variants) return HANDLEs, not pids. Thus the g_spawn*()
functions do, too. I really don't see pids being much used in the
Win32 API, it's always process HANDLEs that you handle.


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