Re: glib 2.3.3 and Windows

J. Ali Harlow wrote:

I'm working on an app that calls spawn*(), and then latter calls cwait(). cwait() needs the value returned by spawn*(), not the pid. So, if by some reason I try to use g_spawn*(), I'll have to add specific #ifdef's to convert the pid to a handle? If so, I don't see too much reason to use g_spawn*() if I need the process handle to cwait() later.

My view would be that mixing g_spawn and cwait is bad practice. I would
suggest that if there's some reason why you can't use the GLib API that
you stick to msvcrt and use spawn and cwait.

Why is it a bad pratice? I need cwait() until the process finishes. Should I use #ifdef's and add Linux and Win32 specific code? And if it is a bad pratice, why is g_spawn*() returning a pid anyways? Is there a GLib function that uses this returned pid? If not, the native spawn*() functions seem more portable than g_spawn*() (unless of course you guys provide functions like g_cwait()).

Daniel K. O.

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