Re: Thankyou.

But why, file searching is file management, and should be reintegrated into 
the shell, its just so much more powerful...


Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com> said:

> Couldn't the search button this person is looking for be implemented in
> a much easier fashion by simply having the search button launch the
> Gnome Search Tool starting in whatever folder the user is in at the
> moment.  
> A nautilus script could do this by first cd'ing into the dir and then
> launching the gnome-search-tool.  Why the gnome-search-tool does not
> take a directory path on the command line is beyond me but anyway. 
> However, a nautilus script is not as nice as having a button staring the
> user literally in the face.
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>  that would also stop you from doing clever things." - Doug Gwyn 
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