Re: Nautilus Script Download Statistics

Thanks shane, this is pretty cool.

Some comments inline:

On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 23:10, Shane Mueller wrote:
> A number of scripts appear to be popular because nautilus/gnome does not
> provide a good way to access their functionality from the 'Open' menu. 
> For instance the 'gedit' script just opens up the selected files in
> gedit. It is easy to open text files in gedit by double-clicking, but
> when you want to open an arbitrary config file or a .desktop file, or
> multiple files simultaneously, it can be tricky. 
> In my opinion, the
> popularity of the scripts in this paragraph may point out some of the
> weaknesses in the current the UI of the "Open" and the filetype
> association database application. I don't have any good suggestions
> about how this can be improved, but it might be nice to make it simple
> to add a script from the scripts directory to the 'Open' menu.

One thing that gmc used to do was allow multiple actions (Open with vs.
View with, for example) associated with mime-types.  Something like this
might help with a lot of these scripts.

Some of the scripts look like they're just a matter of some people being
more comfortable writing a quick script that dealing with the
hard-to-configure mime database (that was even more intractable in

> often replacing functionality that exists on other desktop systems
> (e.g., new-text-document). 

There was some talk of putting a New Documents capability into nautilus.

> capabilities are weak. For example, many of them allow changes to be
> made to an entire group of files, unlike Nautilus's current properties
> dialog.

Nautilus could definitely use a better ui for setting properties on
multiple files.

> Terminal launching: 2326
> 1763	0.0719	terminal-here

This should just be a matter of making New Terminal appear in all the
file manager views (not just the desktop), and always use the current
directory.  This could clutter up the menus some, which might be why it
is like it is.

> SCP automation: 710
> 400	0.0163	scp_to_host
> 310	0.0126	scp2host

An ssh method (which I think yakk is working on) might reduce the need
for scripts like this.

> 486	0.0198	make-nautilus-script

heh, this one's kinda clever.

Dave Camp <dave ximian com>

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