Re: Location Bar Filters

> Personally I (as a user, not a dev :) think this is a good idea.  The
> old file chooser did this nicely, and I don't see why nautilus can't do
> this as well.  Since there wouldn't be much 'user visible' it would not
> impact on the "simple" paradigm that nautilus/gnome is following.  The
> only user visible thing I can think of is putting the filter in the
> titlebar or something.  Course, I'd be interested to hear what the devs
> say....

Being a user as well, I quite often faced two problems with browsing in

1. (this is a little off topic) When I type in a letter in the
locationbar, where there exists no file or folder, I lose the focus and
have to go back to the mouse, which is kinda annoying

2. If I don't know the exact file name, it be nice, if I just could type
*.svg in the locationbar, press tab and only have the svgs shown. Or I
type an "l" and if there are more files starting with an l, only those
are shown in the window. This is about the filter-behavior, the old
filechoser used, I think. I'd be really neat to have this in Nautilus

So what do the devs say? ;)


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