Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

Donald Henson wrote:

 > > Oh, that's how free software work, flame, flame and flame those
 > > lazy and stupid developers who give you software for free until
 > > they give up and do exactly what you want.
 > I think you are missing Raul's point. What I think Raul is saying is
 > that if you get a lot of complaints, flames if you will, from a large
 > number of people over a long period of tiime, you should probably
 > take that as a sign that something is wrong. What I don't understand
 > about this whole issue is why some of you seem to think that there is
 > only one way to do something. All most people are asking for is a
 > simple choice of using spatial or browser mode. Why is that so hard
 > to accept?



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