Re: ftp and Nautilus

El lun, 17-05-2004 a las 18:37, Eugenia Loli-Queru escribió:
> >What happens with the incoming directory? I think "normal" setups activate
> it only as anonymous.
> The default mount is as anonymous, so I don't see this to be a problem.
> >Also you have a problem with chroot ftp servers where you see different
> contents depending
> >on your login information, an anonymous ftp has a different root than a
> logged user.
> In that case, when Nautilus is re-logging in as eponymous it should check if
> it can access that anonymous folder.

That doesn't work.  With most FTP servers, logging in as anonymous lets
you in on the / directory, and logging in eponymously lets you in on the
/ directory as well.  But an ls -la would show entirely different
contents, simply because the / directory for anon users is completely
different to that of an eponymous user.

I insist.  GNOME *has* to ask the user whether to log in anonymously or
with a user/pw combo, and it also *has* to determine whether logging in
anonymously is a valid operation for the requested connection.

> -- If yes, cwd to the current directory where the file operation that
> trigered the login dialog occured and carry out the actual file operation.
> -- If not, pop up a new dialog saying that this eponymous user doesn't have
> write permissions to this folder and ask the user if he/she would like to
> continue browsing that ftp folder as anonymous or move to the user's
> specific ftp / folder.
> Is there a case where the URL to access an eponymous and an anonymous site
> is the same? If yes, then --unfortunately-- we can't get rid of a login
> window in the beginning of the transaction as Shaun McCance suggested
> ( but
> by adding a checkbox saying "login as anonymous". That's how some FTP
> clients do it too..
> BTW, how do you logout out of an FTP or Samba session with Nautilus? Is it
> time based, do you have to press a button, or you have to literally kill
> gnome in order to lose a session? Because if we do it the way I suggested
> and a user has logged in as eponymous and then wants to login as anonymous
> (in case that he can't use different URLs to see the different structure),
> he/she will need a way to logout of the eponymous session.
> Eugenia
	Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)
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