Re: ftp and Nautilus

>What happens with the incoming directory? I think "normal" setups activate
it only as anonymous.

The default mount is as anonymous, so I don't see this to be a problem.

>Also you have a problem with chroot ftp servers where you see different
contents depending
>on your login information, an anonymous ftp has a different root than a
logged user.

In that case, when Nautilus is re-logging in as eponymous it should check if
it can access that anonymous folder.
-- If yes, cwd to the current directory where the file operation that
trigered the login dialog occured and carry out the actual file operation.
-- If not, pop up a new dialog saying that this eponymous user doesn't have
write permissions to this folder and ask the user if he/she would like to
continue browsing that ftp folder as anonymous or move to the user's
specific ftp / folder.

Is there a case where the URL to access an eponymous and an anonymous site
is the same? If yes, then --unfortunately-- we can't get rid of a login
window in the beginning of the transaction as Shaun McCance suggested
( but
by adding a checkbox saying "login as anonymous". That's how some FTP
clients do it too..

BTW, how do you logout out of an FTP or Samba session with Nautilus? Is it
time based, do you have to press a button, or you have to literally kill
gnome in order to lose a session? Because if we do it the way I suggested
and a user has logged in as eponymous and then wants to login as anonymous
(in case that he can't use different URLs to see the different structure),
he/she will need a way to logout of the eponymous session.


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