Re: feature request and patch

Am Mi, den 19.05.2004 um 17:42 Uhr +0000 schrieb David Christian Berg:
> > I have recently switched from KDE to Gnome, and found myself missing a
> > particular feature.
> > 
> > In KDE you can use the Mouse Wheel on the desktop to switch
> > workspaces. I found this extraordinarily convenient.
> Hmm, sounds good. But I wonder about the behavior, when a window is
> focused, which is the case most of the time. As I understand it, it only
> works when you are on an empty desktop, of at least the cursor is above
> the background.

I think that's how it's supposed to work. We shopuldn't interfere with

> I think it would be worth looking into implementing
> something alike in MetaCity and thus being able to switch workspaces,
> even when a window is focused and the desktop is covered.
> Not totally sure, how it should work, but maybe switching when you use
> the mouse wheel above a titlebar.

That's a good idea. Wouldn't it be convenient to move the window to the
target workspace in this case? Or maybe pressing shift and scrolling
should move it.


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