Re: ftp and Nautilus

All I plan to do here is to log in as either anonymous or with a username. First time the user will get a dialog where they can make a pick (if there is no username in the uri). If they pick anonymous then they are logged in, or refused if anonymous is not allowed. Refused means they will get the dialog again (slightly altered, no anonymous tick boxes) to log in with a username. If they want to abandon the process they need to press Cancel.

No automatic login with anonymous and then re-login with username is planned.


Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
However I have to admit I'm
dubious about that idea myself.

me too

 It must inevitably lead to an
additional delay before the dialog is displayed,

for once =)

which is rarely a good
way to enhance usability, and wouldn't it also temporarily use up an FTP
connection (possibly even the last available one) that somebody else
could be using?

well the idea is not practicable at all unless gnomevfs has a way of
issuing "user/password" ftp commands once you've successfully logged in
anonymously, so as to not connect/disconnect from the FTP server.  in
simpler terms, "pre detection" of anon login capability will only fly if
gnomevfs lets us log in as anonymous, then relogin without


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