Re: File transfer window => we should allow minimization

Il dom, 2004-09-19 alle 21:19, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro ha scritto:
>   I just copied a file with nautilus to an sftp: URI.  The transfer took
> about 20 minutes.  I really dislike the way this window appears, as a
> transient dialog:
> 	1. This dialog stays on top, getting in the way of my regular work,
> unless I use the 'Show Desktop' key binding.  It has no minimize button,
> but it actually is a visual representation of a background task, so we
> should be able to minimize it.
> 	2. It doesn't appear in the window list applet, therefore if I want to
> check on it to see how much more time the transfer will take my only
> choice is to cycle through windows with Alt-TAB.
>   Therefore, I suggest that the dialog should be a regular window
> instead.  However, I wouldn't like to lose the transient_for property,
> making it stay on top of the target nautilus window.  I sure hope we can
> it both ways?

There are any info about it on HIG 2.0 ?

If someone will work on it, maybe is better make the window

Of couse, open a bug.

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