Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Re: You are missing the point

Le jeu 11/12/2003 à 07:34, Erick Woods a écrit :
> At the core of Eugenia's statements, articles, comments is a need for an
> integrated way for people using a comprehensive instant messenger (like
> Gaim) to seemlessly and easily initiate a video addition to that
> conversation with friends who might be using MSN/iChat/etc.  She wants this

Please read my blogs or comments mentionning the differences between
Voice Over IP, videoconferencing, and what Instant Messengers are doing
or are trying to do. I think it is the first step before trying to
comment or react on others mails because it will give you the required
background to understand the conversation, which obviously you have not.

> because it is handy and works well.  I have used this in MSN and when in a
> chat seesion, all I have to do is click "Video" and it expands the window
> with a video widget and connects.  The other user is now able to see me.
> They are able to do the same, provided they have a camera.  It doesn't
> involve leaving the conversation or launching another window.  It's
> inclusive so you can see the other person and chat with or talk to them in
> one window.  The need for such an application exists and would be welcomed.
> What Eugenia suggests is not merely a combining of the Gaim & GnomeMeeting
> codebases.  That would not make any sense and she clearly understands that.
> What she does suggest is bringing parts from one (best candidate is
> GnomeMeeting) into the other (the natural IM solution, Gaim).  A lot of

See my answer to Eugenia, that explains what is possible. I have nothing
against GnomeMeeting being called by Gaim, but stop comparing
GnomeMeeting to an Instant Messenger doing video when it is not !

> great work has gone into each application and could possibly be used to
> implement what she desires.  What she sees as a possible shortening of the
> distance to that end is code reuse.  If there are parts of the UI or the way
> the video is delivered to the screen in GnomeMeeting that would be helpful,
> they should be considered and maybe used.  If the protocols are
> incompatible, which they are, you don't use that part of the code.

Then don't use it at all. You will be confronted to proprietary
protocols, proprietary and patented codecs. Reverse-engineering
protocols is something still feasible, but I have doubts about patented

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