Re: Helix Player virtual team meeting

ChristianHJW <christian matroska org> writes:
> I simply pressed the 'reply all' button, i didnt start copying several
> lists on this topic ;-) .... feel free to delete my email for any
> lists you dont think it is appropriate to.

The initial mail was directed to Gnome development list, so I just
used that as an excuse to make remarks which are Gnome related
(eg. Gnome works on much more than Intel x86, so using Windows DLLs
doesn't go far enough for it; though, perhaps will get
fast enough on non-x86 hardware some day :-).

OTOH, I removed most of the CCs, mainly because Mailman at
didn't let the message through without moderation, and I want to
relieve list administrators of at least some work :)

>>>I have a 700 MB encoding of Titanic ... Try doing this with any
>>>other codec around ;) .
> Danilo, i am doing video compression since several years now...

Hey, I'm not questioning your credibility, I am only saying that the
above quote about encoding Titanic at 700 MB doesn't say a thing to
me, or probably anyone else for that matter.  I mean, you can
squeeze it with almost any other encoding at 700MB, but you're
probably *implying* (since you never said that in original mail :P)
that the quality of 700MB RV is higher than what would you get out of
other codecs.

So, point taken, and sorry for sounding the way I never meant to

> Real N should really consider to make the parser and decoder libraries
> available as L-GPL...

Well, this is what would be really great, but there's one more catch:
they would have to release their patents for use in Free Software
(and I don't doubt there are at least a dozen of them concering any
one of their codecs).

Since the idea is to have free software available to everyone (one of
main tasks: no discrimination), we don't want to rule out those
Americans either, where patents are valid :o)


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