Re: I propose gLabels for GNOME 2.6

On Wed, 2003-12-24 at 20:50, Chipzz wrote:

> FWIW, IMHO gnome-office should be kept quite small, ie limited to the
> following apps:
> abiword
> gnumeric
> criawips (or its successor, if and when it ever comes out)
> sodipodi
> dia
> gimp
> passepartout
> (gnome-db front-end of which the name eludes me atm)
> Which is roughly what MS Office consists of.

The HTML editor?

Please include BlueFish.

The maintainer Olivier is CC'ed. As many people he is in a festive break
but I got the feeling he was interested for the purpose of syncing the
translatios atleast.

Also Bluefish is more than  an excellent HTML editor.
It probably needs to be classed with other desktop software imho.

BTW: Merry Christmas :)


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