Re: Major feature that is missing in gnome

<quote who="Rodney Dawes">

> How about make it behave like it does in windows, and I presume in KDE
> also, and have it be a button like the launchers, that shows the desktop
> the first time you you click it, and restores the windows the second time
> you click it?

That's what it does now, with two minimal differences: our launchers are not
buttons, and the 'show desktop' button is implemented as a toggle button
(which I think is a bloody useful thing, too - knowing which state you're in
from the button is great).

> I'm guessing the behavior is also incomplete in the current version and
> doesn't handle changing window states between on/off toggles, though I
> could be wrong.

I don't grok. The button works 'as advertised'.

- Jeff

   It makes perfect sense. If you're a narcissistic arsehole spawned from   
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