Re: please can we change the default background color for 2.2

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 12:29:20AM -0800, Seth Nickell wrote: 
> No. If you change the Default you change the theme called Default...
> just like if you change the terminal you change the application called
> "terminal"...

That's no good, because it means you have to change all the bits in
the theme (and move a bunch of stuff around on disk) to change the
default theme. Sucks for admins. (And for distributors.)  It also
means that users can't communicate to each other what theme they're
using, or exchange themes. "Your theme is cool, can you email it to
me?" - suddenly user has two different themes called Default.

If you're worried about people knowing what the default is, you can
simply dynamically append "(Default)" at runtime in the theme
selector, for example, without making a big mess of how settings work.
Or you could dynamically rename the theme which actually is the
default theme to Default in the GUI, while keeping it named something
else on-disk, but that seems potentially confusing.

Both Windows and OS X have a name for the default theme (Luna and
Aqua) which would presumably change if the default theme became
radically different.


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