platform - preparing for release 1

Hey dudes,
I've just been appointed release manager and am looking
towards a Platform release. I'm in the middle of tying
up all our xlibs stuff (working out where existing modules are, cleaning
them up, importing Xpm/Xaw), and making an xlibs release, then we get to
look towards the fd.o Platform.

Basically, the platform will contain:
	* xlibs - our xlibs repository, maintained by Keith/Jim;
	* xserver - our X server, maintained by Keith/Jaymz/Eric;
	  + probably won't release with first platform
	* Cairo - this thing rocks;
	* D-BUS - pretty fundamental, desktop-wise;
	* other stuff.

I'm in the process of working out what that 'other stuff' should be, so
if you have any suggestions, please let me know. While stuff should
preferably be hosted on fd.o, it's not an absolute requirement; and
while I can RM other stuff if you want me to, I'm not going to take over
your project, certainly if you don't want me to.

Jeff's timely discussion of intltool and scrollkeeper movements sort of
petered out - guys, what sort of assistance would you be requiring to
move this stuff over to fd.o?

We also have some grounding in various standard-setting activities, so
if you have any gripes you want fixed, please feel free to let me know
about that, too.

As soon as I've worked out the basic shape/schedule of the first
platform release, I'll be posting it somewhere.

:) d, fd.o RM

Daniel Stone                                              <daniel fooishbar org>
"The programs are documented fully by _The Rise and Fall of a Fooish Bar_,
available by the Info system." -- debian/manpage.sgml.ex, dh_make template

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