Re: Proposed: gnome-keyring-manager

> >More broadly, I don't really want to add an applications menu item for
> >"Keyring Manager". It would be good to figure out a standard way to
> >integrate this with keyring using applications? And perhaps the main
> >interface could just be a click away from the "Enter password for key"
> >dialog.
> 	I can see gnome-keyring-manager in the System menu, like the
> gconf-editor, and maybe adding a new button to de "Allow this
> Application to access..." dialog would make it more confusing.

I can see it there, but I don't want it there. Every time we add a
feature like this, if we add a corresponding entry in the apps menu we
end up with chaos.

In general my feeling is that everything *could* theoretically be fixed
for the release but my gut instinct is the same as jdub, it might make
sense to wait another release for this.


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