Re: Proposed: gnome-keyring-manager

Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 03:49:17PM -0400, Seth Nickell escribió:

>> I'm a bit worried that g-k-m is very difficult to understand. I'm sure we
>> can do better than this -> perhaps it needs another iteration of design work
>> before t hits the Desktop release? Functionally, it's great, but I'd love
>> to see the usability team tackle the use cases and come up with a rejigged
>> design proposal.
>More minor, but it also needs some basic HIG padding/packing/label/etc
>cleanup. I'm sure this could be done in the 2.8 timeframe though
>(though it doesn't use glad which'll make it that much harder,

	Sure HIGifaction will happen in this development period after
the feature freeze.

>More broadly, I don't really want to add an applications menu item for
>"Keyring Manager". It would be good to figure out a standard way to
>integrate this with keyring using applications? And perhaps the main
>interface could just be a click away from the "Enter password for key"

	I can see gnome-keyring-manager in the System menu, like the
gconf-editor, and maybe adding a new button to de "Allow this
Application to access..." dialog would make it more confusing.

>Also, its sort of bewildering when you first open this that it asks
>you over and over for the password for different keyring items!

	Yes, I was discussing with Alex a mechanism for having "trusted"
applications (gnome-keyring-manager and future gnome-keyring-tool [in
the gconftool-2 way]).


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