Problems with changing/removing themes [Was: Themes]

<quote who="Davyd Madeley">

> Moving Indu[sb]trial and 'Glider' into gnome-themes would be great, even
> though only one of them can be the default. I think a lot of themes should
> also be moved to gnome-themes-extras.

This is an interesting problem:

 * We can't completely remove themes from gnome-themes, because users may be
   using them. If we removed the themes, they'd end up with the Default
   theme on their next login.

 * Can we even *change* themes significantly? I would love to shift my Grand
   Canyon theme to Smooth, tart it up a bit, but keep the same colour and
   'feel'. But what if someone doesn't like the new style? What if they want
   to use the old style?

I think the first point is pretty solid -> no removal of metathemes (what we
refer to as 'Themes') at all. The second one is harder. Should we be open to
theme changes such as this? Should they keep a similar feel/colour if we do
accept changes?

> Also, is there a case for moving High Contrast (Inverse) and Large Print
> to a gnome-themes-a11y? If not, obviously they should stay in gnome-themes
> too.

No, they should stay. The other a11y themes are optional. Most distributions
package them separately anyway.

- Jeff

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