Re: GNOME 2.8: Scripting

On 30/03/04 00:17, Andrew Sobala wrote:

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 23:44 +0800, James Henstridge wrote:
For in-process scripting, GObject with appropriate introspection info would probably work pretty well. For out-of-process use, custom CORBA interfaces work pretty well, although I realise that they are a pain to implement in C.

But maybe not so hard to create, if we get the first case working.

gobject_proxy_over_corba ?
If the hypothetical GObject introspection framework I mentioned above was powerful enough to build full featured Python/Perl/whatever wrappers at runtime, then this should be quite easy as well. I'd expect the code to look quite similar to PyORBit (except without all the Python stuff ...).


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