Re: System administration tool

Dave Stagner wrote:
> * The user should not need the root password in order to perform
> functions requiring root (such as mounting drives).  I want this to be
> a tool for *sysadmins* who are trying to give the users necessary
> functionality without giving them unnecessary access.  This is
> essential if Linux is to be a corporate desktop
> platform... administrators need simplified, flexible control of system
> configuration without sacrificing security.  If we do this *right*, it
> will be yet another place Linux beats Windows.

I think this is very important. I would like to see GNOME cater for more
than just the corporate interests.

For example, my mum walks up to my computer, turns it on. It boots into
Linux, she sees 'gdm'. She can log in and have a quick game of Mahjongg
(she likes that!), but when she's done, she can't shut the computer
down, because there's no 'shutdown' facility like she's got at work with
that other OS. I'd really rather not have to impart my root password to
her and show her how to open up an terminal and type in 'shutdown -h


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