Re: System administration tool

On Sat, 10 Apr 1999 11:09:49 Ross Golder wrote:
> I think this is very important. I would like to see GNOME cater for more
> than just the corporate interests.
> For example, my mum walks up to my computer, turns it on. It boots into
> Linux, she sees 'gdm'. She can log in and have a quick game of Mahjongg
> (she likes that!), but when she's done, she can't shut the computer
> down, because there's no 'shutdown' facility like she's got at work with
> that other OS. I'd really rather not have to impart my root password to
> her and show her how to open up an terminal and type in 'shutdown -h
> now'.

Well, I for one consider this a bug.  gShutdown ought to do this, but doesn't
seem to allow user shutdowns even when "/sbin/shutdown" is suid root.

Having said that, though, once logged out, it is possible for anyone to shut
down from GDM.

Jesse D. Sightler

"An honest answer can get you into a lot of trouble." 
         - Anonymous

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