Re: System administration tool

On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Sergio wrote:
> I can swear for all the people in this mailing list :) that a RFC
> on this exist (a client/server configuration protocol) and that
> a university (and I can swear for the same that is Carniege Mellon)
> had implemented this.

It's called ACAP, it is a slightly different thing really; in Dave and
Wichert's proposals, the in client-server setup is intended to allow
multiple frontends to the system, enhance security, and abstract the exact
database or file used to store the information. i.e. the client and server
will typically or always be on the same computer. In ACAP, the idea is to
allow users to get the same configuration on multiple computers for
end-user applications like Netscape. I sent Wichert and ACAP URL (which I
can't think of offhand, do a search and you'll hit the RFC). Probably ACAP
is a possible backend for Wichert or Dave's plan, it is basically just
another database like LDAP, is my impression.


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