Re: System administration tool

Havoc Pennington <> el día Fri, 9 Apr 1999 23:20:27 -0400 
(EDT), escribió:

>Sounds super-cool. I think the real key to something like this though,
>much more important than the implementation, is getting everyone on board.
>That is, we need a configuration engine used by all the Linux
>distributions, and ideally one that various pieces of software (such as
>Gnome) can use directly.
>Wichert Akkerman (Debian project leader) has a specification in mind for 
>a similar client-server setup:

I can swear for all the people in this mailing list :) that a RFC
on this exist (a client/server configuration protocol) and that
a university (and I can swear for the same that is Carniege Mellon)
had implemented this.


PS: I'm _not_ talking about DHCP

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