Re: Assorted questions

> 2.) I wish to attach scrollbars to my test app that uses the canvas. I
> would like to browse some simple source code in an app that does this.
> Any examples ?

    I think you just need to create a GtkScrolledWindow

scroller = gtk_scrolled_window_new (NULL, NULL);
gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (scroller), canvas);

where canvas is your canvas widget.
> 3.) There appears to be a drawing bug/blemish in the toolbar of most
> gnome apps when the width of the window is smaller than the toolbar
> width. Check out the pixel in the top right of a docked toolbar. Can
> anybody help me with a X windows magnifying glass app that I can study
> pixel problems on the desktop with, much like Zoomin on win32.

xmag (I think thats what it's called).


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