Re: docbook stuff

James Henstridge <> writes:

|   You escape tags the same way you do as with HTML -- with the &lt; and &gt;
|   entities.  You probably only need the &lt; entity, since the closing >
|   will not be interpreted as part of a tag.

Yes, that's one possibility -- or use the element <sgmltag> and provide
the class attribute.

|   As for the docbook.css file that gets installed, I think that it is
|   probably only used with some options in the modular SGML style sheets.  I
|   don't know much DSSSL, so could not tell you how to get db2html to produce
|   output that uses the css style sheet.

The stylesheets do know about the following settings:

    %css-decoration% - Enable CSS decoration of elements
    %css-liststyle-alist% - Map DocBook OVERRIDE and MARK attributes to CSS

Use "-V" to tell jade your wishes.  At least, the db2x for SuSE does
know about the "-V" switch; vid.
-- only tested with SuSE Linux so far... -- I de appreciate feedback and
patches ;-)

Karl Eichwalder

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