Re: Bugs in CVS gnome

* Halfline ( wrote:
> From: Tom Gilbert <>
> >I _need_ the panel space, so I don't want to do without
> > it until the next version!
> Why not use a drawer?  Then you get full sized icons and extra 
> panel space.
> -- 
> Halfline

All the applets I use, are monitors, which I like to keep in view, I
already use two corner panels so I can zip them out of the way
individually. I love my current setup, and those HUGE icons just don't
fit in...

However, I do like the "small" panel option from cvs.

Check out my screenshot page on to see
my setup.

I do like the quick_launch applet, and enjoy hacking, so I'm setting
it up to know about the different panel sizes from cvs, and to allow
dragging _from_ it to the desktop (if you use gmc, I don't myself) 
and suchlike. Its only for personal consumption at the moment, so I
figure that's ok.

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