Re: theme designer

I don't think you posted this proposal to  It may be best if it won't be a GNOME app.  Jeff

"James C . Wilson" wrote:
> Hi all,
> > A theme designer seemed to be an obvious new project for GTK+ long before
> > KDE started theirs.  I'm a little surprised that it wasn't done sooner.
> It's an idea I have been throwing around for a while and some of the new
> Staff at have been thinkingof starting such a project. If
> someone wants to work it in and would like some help please let me know.
> > But I'm not so sure I would make it a capplet in the GNOME Control Center.
> > How about something GTK+ users can run without GNOME--a stand-alone
> > application, or how about a GIMP plug-in?
> Yes, making it a GNOME Caplet would be bad (mmm'kay). Alot of GTK people
> dont like the fact the only nice way of changing themes is through a gnome
> caplet.

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