Re:CVS woes

Sorry, it seems that I was too nervous when I wrote this message, as
it is full of typos and grammatical mistakes. 

Essentially I'd like to know if what I did affected the cvs repository
and if so, what I can do to fix it or whether the maintainers of the
corresponding packages should.

gedit, control-center, gnome-docu, gnome-libs and libdocs

As I said before, I interrupted it in the middle, so maybe not all the
packages listed were affected.


 Daniel> I made a dumb mistake while creating a new release of ggv.

 Daniel> I type cvs tag GGV_0_50 . in the root gnome directory on my
 Daniel> machine. I have only the following packages on my machine:

 Daniel> gedit, control-center, gnome-docu, gnome-libs and libdocs, 
 Daniel> besides ggv

 Daniel> I interrepted when I noticed the error, but it had already traversed
 Daniel> some packages.

 Daniel> Do I screwed something up in those packages? If so, if somebody tells
 Daniel> me what I have to do to "fix"  my mistake, I am more than willing to
 Daniel> do it. I apologize to those who are affected by it.

 Daniel> Sorry about it,

 Daniel> --
 Daniel> Daniel

Daniel M. German                  "When you have removed the impossible,
                                   whatever remains, however improbable,
   Arthur Conan Doyle ->           must be the truth."


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