VB like RAD

	Has anyone though about having some program (possibly an extended
glade) that is a RAD tool like the VB environment?  Something where you
place the widgets then double-click on them to input or edit the code
which is executed when the widget is actually used (such as when the
button just put down is clicked on)?  Possibly even in perl because it has
some database stuff and is a weakly typed language?  This way people could
write slow, buggy programs just as easily in Linux as in windows.
	I'm neither volunteering for this project nor asking for it, just
wondering what people think of such an idea.  Would such a tool have
merit, do you think?  As far as I can follow the hype, there are two types
of RAD - one is the stuff like gnome which provides a lot of functionality
in a few function calls (I really love gnome_error_dialog("Error!"); :-))
and the stuff where the tool does most of the work for assembling pretty
simple database apps so that people who can't write programs can make some
passable and somewhat usuable attempts at it.  While gnome answers the
first pretty well, I think, the second doesn't seem to be much addressed.
What do people think?  Has this topic already been addressed, or does
anyone know of any good papers on the subject?

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