Panel proposal

Hi all,

I've just checked out gnome-core from cvs. The panel now has new icons and
new menus (and new icons, well done and keep it up those people).

However, from the very first moment I first saw the panel, I wanted to get
rid of those ugly icons in the middle of the panel (Help, Netscape, etc).

Since QuickLaunch_applet is used by quite a number of us, and tries to
lower the screen estate which those big icons use, can I suggest that:

1. get rid of those icons from the default session

2. include Quicklaunch or Son of Quicklaunch if such a thing exists and is
   better in gnome.

3. launch Quicklaunch left-justified to the right of the foot/new menu

4. plonk the following in Quicklaunch:

- icon for web browser (maybe standard gnome web browser icon configurable
  to run netscape 4 or 5 when it comes? also Opera is coming I belive)

- icon for a terminal (again, standard terminal icon configurable for
  xterm, rxvt, Eterm, gnome-terminal, etc)

- icon for Help (book with a ? mark over it sounds good)

- icon for control-center

- eventually other gnome apps

Also, put gnome-pager or Son of left-justified but right of anything else
left-justified (so that it can easily expand to the right).

Finally, I don't know how popular this would be, but how about putting the
Mixer applet to the left of the clock?

btw, just how do you go about making a default session? I.e. create a
panel to your liking, select 'Save as default' and then rm
~/.gnome/session, load up again and find it still all there?

Just my thoughts.

James Green
Home of the 56k FAQ.

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