Re: Bug#650: gnome-libs HTML docu (warning!)

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > I'm sorry, something went wrong.  The docs (SGML and JPG files) are not
> > in gnome-libs/devel-docs/gnome-dev-info.  Someone has removed them;
> > maybe it was me ;-(((
> Have you tried to do a fresh cvs update?
> The files do exist on CVS, so probably just one of the files in your
> CVSROOT/* got out of sync (specially with me performing last-minute
> surgery on the cvs to preserve history on the files you moved).
> best wishes,
> Miguel.

I have tried updating and even rm'ing the directory and doing cvs co
and still nothing. I have added them back from an old gnome-libs here,
and I
could commit them if there is a need.

Kjartan Maraas

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