Re: cross-platform devel libs?

>  I'm interested in creating a program that I'd like to develop for linux,
>  mac, and windows operating systems. Now, I've seen lots of libraries
>  that are GTK wrappers or such, and provide a common interface for several
>  OSes. However, do any of these support complex things? For example, were
>  I to program this purely in linux, it would be based primarily on a
>  widget derived from canvas widget, because I need to display text and 
>  graphics together in a scrolling window. So I'd create a widget to do
>  what I need to do.. but would any of these cross-platform development
>  libraries allow me to do something like this, or even use a canvas widget
>  at all?

If you think you need to rip off the canvas sources and include them
directly into your program, please feel free to do so.  This would of
course mean using the Gtk+ object system directly with respect to the
canvas; it would not be wrapped by whatever Gtk+ wrapper you may be
using.  Of course, if you write the code to wrap it properly, I'm sure
nobody would complain :-)


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