Re: GNOME CVS: gnome-core jirka

>  Log message:
>  Tue Jun 01 01:53:05 1999  George Lebl  <>
>  * gnomepager.h: removed
>  * gnomepager_applet.c: ran through indent and sanitised small
>  portions of the code, added the patch from Grant Likely
>  <>, added tooltips, and generally tried
>  to change some things more to my style and tried to figure
>  out what will be possible for reuse in a rewrite

It needs to use a window cache like the Gtk+ DND code.  Right now it
is doing an XQueryTree() every time, which makes it very inefficient.

(Ideally you would want a CORBA interface to the window manager
through which you could query it and get notification, but that's
another story...)


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