Re: gnome-libs proposed change

> This is premature because gnome-libs is frozen, but I want to get it
> out there so I won't forget. 
> When gnome-libs unfreezes, I propose the following:
> void
> gnome_set_app_prefixes (const char* prefix,
> 			  const char* datadir,
> 			  const char* libdir,
> 			  const char* sysconfdir);

How do you suggest we setup this?  Will this be invoked always before
calling gnome_init*?

Probably we want two things:

	 1. An Autoconf/Automake macro that will define GNOME_datadir,
            GNOME_libdir, etc macros for C programs during

	 2. A C macro that would look like this:

	    gnome_set_app_prefixes ();

	    That would use the defintions listed above 


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