Re: GNOME CVS: gnome-core jirka

For whoever decides to modify the WM spec...

Along with a default implementation that allows control of the WM by
gnome aps, I think you should comment make some recommendations of
GNOME features that the _WM_ might want to control.

The most obvious (and infamous) one that I can think of is the "logout"
interface, so that WM users can bind that to a WM menu entry.  (I bet this
is currently possible w/o corba, but I'm just using it as an example.) Another
possibility is that the WM might occasionally prompt a user for a filename,
and if GNOME is around, the author of the WM might want to replace the
WM's file selector with a CORBA call to gmc's.  I'm sure there are other
things the WM might want to get at.

Actually, is there a master list of all of the CORBA interfaces currently
in the main gnome packages?  A pointer to a list like that, (if it's around)
and some comments on some particularly interesting interfaces, would
probably be all that's necessary.  (I'm sure many of the WM authors are
as clueless as I am as what features are available for them to get at
through CORBA.)


On Tue, Jun 01, 1999 at 05:20:55PM -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > (Ideally you would want a CORBA interface to the window manager
> > through which you could query it and get notification, but that's
> > another story...)
> I could not agree more with this.
> It would make sense to make a revision of the GNOME WM spec that used
> CORBA, and provide a default implementation, for say icewm and
> something else.
> Not only for hints, but for total control of the WM actions with
> So that way, with the voice stuff, we could control entirely by voice
> any GNOME compliant window manager without having per-window manager
> hooks. 
> miguel.
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