Re: Drag and drop is dead, long live drab and throw :)

On Fri, Jun 18, 1999 at 03:04:41PM +0200, Herbert Szumovski wrote:
> The idea sounds good, but to make this a widely accepted feature,
> it should work without  possibilities to create undesired
> results.  I could imagine to mark a target-icon with ALT and
> left mouse-click to give it some gravity.  If there is only
> one target marked, throw could be started by just pressing
> ALT and right mouse-click, if there are more targets marked,
> throw could be started by ALT/right mouse-click and a small
> throw-motion in the right direction.  However, even the latter
> would work only if the targets are not to close to each other.

Yes. I like the idea of marking targets. Then, normal apps that support
dnd could be used without any modifications. But, it would enable the
user to cut out some of the drop sites to make throwing more accurate
(throwing at gmc would be a nightmare without it).

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