Re: Gnome-core

Le Mon, Oct 11, 1999 at 11:49:20PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog ťcrivait:
> Hi,

I'm replying to myself since only one of my questions has been answered.
:-( I'd like more feedback for the other ...

I'm particulary interested in making gnome-terminal working (ie delete key
& co). 

> - is there a reason explaining that some applets (like slashapp) are no
>   more built ?
> - I closed many bug reports on the Debian BTS, I guess most of the
>   actual reports found in the BTS are real bugs, should I forward them 
>   all to the Gnome BTS (it's a pain ...) ?
>   You can have a look at the bug list here :
> - is there a way to make gnome-terminal understand delete/home/end keys ?
> - some applets have help button which points to nowhere, I guess it's
>   better to remove the help button instead of pointing to a file that
>   doesn't exist. The bugs are also reported in the Debian BTS.
> - will there be (one day) a support for utmp/wtmp in gnome-terminal ?
> I can point you to some bugs which do really exist as I tested them in
> 1.0.52 and I think correcting them shouldn't be too hard :
> -
>   the pager doesn't keep the setting of pager's size
> -
>   gmenu doesn't clear the list of translation while selecting a new
>   element

Thanks !

RaphaŽl Hertzog -=-
<pub> CDs Debian : </pub>

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