Re: Integrate VMware and Gnome - continued


> Perhaps everyone should 'man xmessage'? You can throw it in
> /etc/X11/xdm/Xsession (or equivalent) before the real session starts up.
> You can adjust future behavior, per user, based on what button the user
> presses and some file touching in his home directory.

another suggestion:
use something like a motd.html or something

most graphical login sessions dont show motd till now.
i think this would be the easiest and least annoying way to propagate
site-specific news

when something has to be done by the user to react on an event, you
could include a link to the program the user has to execute,

this way he can configure/install/whatever everything he wants by
simpliy clicking on it

the administator could set up the system in a way that new software
automatically gets appended to the motd, to keep the users informed

the user should be able to choose if he wants to see the motd
every time on logon, only when changed, or never.
perhaps motd could even pop up when changed while beeing logged in, 
if the user whats that.

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