Re: IDEA: Update Manager (Was something to do with VMWare)


> GUM: Gnome Update Manager. (Or something less crap.)
The whole idea sounds very good to me.

> - Each package would install all it's necessary scripts in
> $(share)/gum/PACKAGENAME/ and also the script (package.gum?) so the
> <EXEC></EXEC> commands would be local to that directory.
Yes, this is the key thing: use a system-wide location for that (as
opposed to a per-user location)

> - Client options include 
> 	- "Email me the notices" in which it would parse the relevant files, 
> 	and construct an email that would be sent and the user would not even 
> 	see a window opening.
> 	- "Run everytime" would mean that the client would add itself to the
> 	session manager.
> 	- "Never run" would mean that the client would only run when the user
> 	ran the program explicitly.
> - There would also be a "Remind me next time" button, for if the user just wants
> to quickly log on, and read emails or get a file, and doesn't want hassle. In
> this case the client would just quit and not update the timestamp.

> Hmm, that's a lot longer than I meant, sorry about that.
That's a very good summary of what has been discussed in the list, and 
I think this is the only remaining issue to be solved as far as
software installation is concerned.

> If you got here, I think you deserve a prize, but I don't have any, so you can't
> have one.
If you code it, _you_ deserve a prize. I'm sending right now an email
to Elliot and Havoc about VMware complimentary licenses for Gnome core 

Best regards,
Regis "HPReg" Duchesne - Member of Technical Staff - VMWare, Inc.
       (O o)             I use Linux (1135 KB/s over 10Mb/s ethernet)
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