Re: IDEA: Update Manager (Was something to do with VMWare)

> And what if I'd like to include a comment for a specific user group? I
> think your solution is very cumbersome. I think it could be more elegantly
> solved if there was a generic container to contain the various PACKAGE,
> COMMENT etc tags, something like
> 	<NAME>Package1</NAME>
> 	<COMMENT>Comment1</COMMENT>
> 	<!-- ... -->
> <FILTER euser="al" egroup="hr" iuser="bob tom">
> 		<NAME>Package2</NAME>
> 		<FILTER euser="bob">
> 			<COMMENT>We'd like to describe here how fcking
> great Package2 is, but Bob is very PC-sensitive</COMMENT>
> 		</FILTER>

I agree.
I think this is a better solution.


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