Re: Removing a child from an MDI: question

Jaka Mocnik writes:
 > > 
 > >  I personnally consider that the current behavior is buggy, may I
 > >  submit a bug for this, or do the people in the know consider it to
 > >  be right?
 > the people in the know (me, I suppose ;) consider it to be _wrong_, but
 > no bug submission is necessary, since I've just fixed it on the CVS.

Very, very good!

 > removing the child in modal mode will now attempt to activate one of the
 > remaining children, while removing the view still behaves as it did
 > since it does not change the active child.

That's fine by me.  Looks like its doing the right thing (for now :-).

 > I'd appreciate if you could check the stuff on CVS and see if it does
 > what you expect it to...

This will be difficult in the short term.  But I'll make an attempt at 
this next weekend.  For now this problem is not preventing me to go
forward with my current development, it's just a little bit annoying.

Wow, I'm impressed by your responsivity :-).

Thanks a lot, Laurent.
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