Re: Working with CVS

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Ted Milker wrote:

> Hey everyone, I want to help fix the bugs that Elliot has listed in
> his latest report.  I've already narrowed down one, however I'm having
> some problems.  Mainly with working with a CVS tree.  How do I handle
> compiling stuff?  Here's the deal.  I'm using my main machine with all
> my normal Gnome stuff, that I really don't want to replace with CVS
> binaries(obviously).  I made a /usr/local/CVS directory to install all
> of the CVS versions of gtk, glib, gnome-core, gnome-libs, and
> gnome-applets.  gnome-libs and gnome-core compiled fine(I used
> configure with the --previx=/usr/local/CVS).  When I wanted to compile
> gnome-applets, however, I ran into a problem.

Herein lies a miscommunication on my part.

The gnome-applets bugs need to be fixed in the gnome-core-1-0 branch of
gnome-core. Some of those bug modules I mentioned don't have direct CVS
module equivalents (e.g. gnome-terminal is also in gnome-core).

> Specifically with gnome-pager(the first bug I want to fix). When I try
> to do a make in the directory, it build, but I get a compiler warning
> about a possible conflict with my .so files in my normal library path
> and the newer one in /usr/local/CVS. How do I fix things so when I'm
> building in the CVS tree, it doesn't try grabbing libs from regular
> directories?

On the systems I use, I just go ahead and remove the "normal Gnome stuff"
install the stuff built from CVS into --prefix=/gnome, and use that as
"the" Gnome.

I don't know of a clean way to have two GNOME installations when one of
them is in the system directory (prefix=/usr).

-- Elliot
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