Re: Working with CVS

Elliot Lee writes:
 > The gnome-applets bugs need to be fixed in the gnome-core-1-0 branch of
 > gnome-core. Some of those bug modules I mentioned don't have direct CVS
 > module equivalents (e.g. gnome-terminal is also in gnome-core).

Well, that's fine, because I originally fixed the bug in gnome 1.0.7
and then moved up to CVS.  I should be able to build okay out of the
1.0 CVS tree, it was the 1.1 that was causing problems with newer

 > On the systems I use, I just go ahead and remove the "normal Gnome stuff"
 > install the stuff built from CVS into --prefix=/gnome, and use that as
 > "the" Gnome.
 > I don't know of a clean way to have two GNOME installations when one of
 > them is in the system directory (prefix=/usr).

Hrmm, maybe I'll just set up a second system to do Gnome development
on then; when I get into 1.1 dev that is.


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