Re: Working with CVS

Elliot Lee wrote:

> I don't know of a clean way to have two GNOME installations when one of
> them is in the system directory (prefix=/usr).

0) Add /opt/gnome/bin (or your preferred working directory) to your 
$PATH environment variable.  Likewise, add /opt/gnome/lib to your

1) Configure everything out of cvs with --prefix=/opt/gnome (or your
preferred working directory). You'll need all the gnome modules you 
intend to deal with in there. I installed a copy of libtool, autoconf, 
and automake in my cvs working prefix as well, just to keep the share 
directories from interfering with each other.  

2) Have your .xinitrc "exec /opt/gnome/bin/gnome-session".  You could
also set the environment variables from step zero before executing

3) My system normally boots into X, but from a console VT, I can
	startx -- :1
to start a new X session independent of the session on :0.  Since the
X session on :0 uses .xsession instead of .xinitrc, the 

This seems to work for me. As always, YMMV.

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Isn't "M-x spook" entertaining? =)

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