Re: goad status

Yup. I was just trying to get a plan together for after the 1.0.50

And making orbit work with resolve_initial_references on the nameserver
should not break anything because nothing is using it because it is
broken. It will allow programs to be coded by the book rather then pulling
tricks. No current program should be affected by it.

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Sep 1999 wrote:
> > 
> > redefining goad should break binary compatibility just a bit. 
> > Maby the best thing to do would be to seperate goad from libgnorba after
> > the 1.0.50 release. The orbit stuff should be able to be done safely now.
> > after the orbit fixup, I think goad should be x indemendent
> > right away (correct?).
> > 
> Just to clarify the release constraints: _only_ bugfixes in 1.0.50. 
> _nothing_ else. We are releasing hopefully in only a week or so, and 
> there is no way anything even remotely likely to be broken should go in
> there. So, don't fool with stable orbit even. Just ignore 1.0.50. :-)
> Once 1.0.50 is out the door, we will be sticking stable gnome-libs on a
> branch and starting a development gnome-libs. At that time we maybe need
> to get all the gnome-libs hackers together and have a clear plan for where
> gnome-libs is going and when we will feature-freeze it, so we don't end up
> with the haphazard mess we have now for gnome-libs 1.0.
> In particular the libgnorba/goad thing needs lots of discussion and needs
> to work well, so let's not stick any patches in too hastily (on the other
> hand we do need a patch within a couple of months because that's about how
> long we have before we need to freeze gnome-libs...)
> Havoc

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