Re: gnome-games on CVS

In message <>, Ian Peters writes:

>Just a heads up - anyone who is checking out gnome-games from cvs will
>not be able to update after today's changes.  You'll need to
>re-checkout the module.  Some directory names were changed.  Sorry for
>the inconvenience.


I'm having real trouble building RPM's for gnome-games 1.0.41 and 1.0.42.  The
SPEC file for 1.0.41 was changed considerably from 1.0.40 and I'm getting the
following error:

Executing: %install
+ umask 022
+ cd /usr/src/redhat/BUILD
+ cd gnome-games-1.0.42
+ rm -rf /var/tmp/gnome-games-1.0.42-root
+ make prefix=/var/tmp/gnome-games-1.0.42-root/usr sysconfdir=/var/tmp/gnome-games-1.0.42-root/etc install
Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.9046 (%install)

I'm trying to do my small part for GNOME deveopment which at this stage
includes reporting and attempting to fix buggy SPEC files (since I can also get
paid by my full time job to do this.)  I've found two classes of errors to be
pretty common:

1) The SPEC file is no longer maintained or is synced with CVS but not with the
2) Nobody ever tried building the RPM as a non-root user and part of the build
process ignores RPM_BUILD_ROOT, scribbling over the filesystem.  The best way
to make sure that your root filesystem remains pristine is to create a group
that can write to /usr/src/redhat/* but not /, /usr, /etc, etc. and join it.

It's possible that this error fits into the second category, but I'm not sure.


John GOTTS <>

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