Re: Does the bug tracker actually work?

Owen Taylor <> writes:

> Of course, we shouldn't be discarding bug reports if there is
> any hope that we can get information out of them 

There's also a big design problem with the current bug tracking system.

When you get the same bug reported 100 times then you basically have no
other choice than to close them all and to report this bug _once yourself_
with whathever information you could find in the 100 other ones.

You cannot just merge them since they'll still be listed there and you don't
see the real bugs any longer.

For instance, after cleaning up the GTop bug list, I found some real bugs
which I'll even be able to fix.

> Bugs of this sort are probably close to _half_ of the bug reports
> we get.

And if you add duplicate bugs containing the same information, you're already
close to 95%.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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